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Question 5: What is the differance between LEVELROCK 4500 and Typical Self Leveling Underlayments/Concrete found in Home Improvement stores or by my local floor installer.
Answer 5: Many Self Leveling Underlayments available today are preblended materials including the Sand. Unfortunately this additional drying and handling of sand takes the least expensive component commonly used a turns it into by volume the second most expensive. Then to add insult to injury you then have this bagged product that is 40% sand transported to your local seller. because there is so much handling involved you can expect to pay around $53 per bag installed plus any prep work which can easily top $.75 per foot. One bag will give you a typical yield of 6 ft per 1" poured.
LEVELROCK has only one similarity to the Self Leveling that is available in stores, that is LEVELROCK is also a self leveling and it has the same hard & smooth surface that you will get with the product that is available to the public.
That is where the similarity ends.
LEVELROCK is produced with every thing needed except the sand. The reason for this is that the sand that is mixed with LEVELROCK on site doesn't need to be dried in advance, Dry sand costs 4 times as much as wet sand and because wet sand is found locally it is only transported once which is an instant savings.
LEVELROCK will cost 1/3rd of the price installed and typically requires no floor prep. This is because LEVELROCK uses a larger sand which provides strength to the structure of the LEVELROCK.
Since I know you will probably ask what the differance is between LEVELROCK and typical Gypsum Products I have listed those in the next Question!
Question 6: What are the differances between the Gypsum Products that have been available for the past 35 years and LEVELROCK?
Answer 6: The main similarity between the 35 year old Gypsum technology and LEVELROCK Underlayment is that they are both produced on site using local Sand and Water. All of the other components are packaged at the manufacturing plant. This is where the similarity ends. The 35 year old Gypsum Based products which are still used have high water demand and because of this they can experiance dusting and will take longer to reach there potential psi. The LEVELROCK products are next generation Gypsum Underlayments. They use less water and reach higher strengths rapidly and don't have the dusting issue's that plague other brands.

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